Register for the ITASA 2013 West Coast Conference at UCLA, April 4-7th

This year, the Intercollegiate Taiwanese American Students Association (ITASA) celebrates two decades of community and network building among students from campuses all across the nation. For one weekend each year, regional conferences bring together hundreds of students together at ONE PLACE, ONE TIME. This will be the largest gathering of Taiwanese Americans students on the West Coast and includes students from UCLA, Berkeley, Stanford, UCSD, USC, UCI, Harvey Mudd, Scripps and more! We have a lot of things organized, including keynotes, workshops, small groups, a night market, concert and more!

Our theme for this year is “Crescendo: Voices of Taiwanese America,” which is inspired by the power of individual and collective expression. We believe that by exhibiting the Voice that lies within each of us, we can make progress as a community and create a positive impact on society.

It has been 3 years since this conference has been in sunny Southern California. We hope you can make join us for a weekend of fun! You can visit the following pages for more information.

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Visit our website:

And register on Eventbrite:
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B2ST’s DooJoon wears Blackie Chen’s label “Black Fever”

Our friends at K-world Style made this awesome discovery of B2ST’s DooJoon wearing Black Fever, clothing label by Taiwanese host Blackie Chen, in this funny macro they found on Tumblr. I think Blackie would be happy to know that a famous Korean idol is wearing his brand :)

B2ST is officially stylized as BEAST, so I can definitely see why DooJoon is wearing that t-shirt. In actuality though, “the Beast” of this t-shirt refers to the nickname of a Taiwanese basketball player named Lin Chih Chieh (林志傑). He is of Amis decent and one of the many “Prides of Taiwan.” :)

Get it: 熱血黑牌-野獸標語白 | nt800 @



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soguigui asks:

I just wanted to tell you I really like your "discover music" section.
I'm discovering new Taiwanese artists! hehe Thanks~

Hello and thank you!!! that means a lot to me :) I was afraid that no one actually ever viewed that page aha. For those who haven’t heard, please check out the sidebar or this page:

If there’s anytime to look at this page, it’s now!! ehehe I think this time’s compilation is special and very Taiwanese-y! :) I included songs in Chinese, Taiwanese, Hakka and some of the Aborigine languages :DD

Half of the songs I learned during my winter vacation to Taiwan. yay new music! :)

I hope they can ~touch your heart!~


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heremyroar-deactivated20140902 asks:

The fox tail hanging off of SHOW, is it also from LV like Nick Chou's? Also, your submit from wouldn't let me submit y_y

hi! so super sorry for the really late reply! the fox tail in Show’s 一支獨秀 MV is not by LV, as the release date for the music video was is 2007 and LV’s fox tails are featured in the Spring 2010 collection. they also only come in the colors orange, pink and green. nice observation though! :)

and i’m not sure why my submission form didn’t work for u? :( i just tested it by submitting something and it worked for me.


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Happy New Years & One-Year Anniversary!

Hello everybody! It’s been nearly a month long hiatus since I last posted as finals had me quite busy, and for most of winter break I was actually in Taiwan (♥) for vacation ^^ However… while I was there, I was able to pick up something which I will be putting up for as a giveaway to celebrate the one-year anniversary of this blog! teehee~ I will post the details later on in the week once I have figured out how this is going to work and once I take pictures of the item…

2010 IN REVIEW - featured posts

- The first post!!*
- Rainie Yang dresses for love?
- 林仔仔 ♥ headphones
- Hebe vs. Nicky Hilton
- The 21st Golden Melody Awards
- df guys get their dance on with Aldies
- Vogue Fashion’s Night Out: Taiwan
- Trend: Red pants are in for guys
- Hebe Tien wears Anntian
- Spotlight on wrongwroks!
- Anthony Neely is a Phenomenon
- Van Ness Wu is the Antifashion

* Technically, the beginning of this blog was December 31, 2009, but I didn’t have time to post yesterday ^^;


My New Year’s Resolution is to find a balance between school work and this blog, so hopefully I will find more time to update.



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Amber Kuo in Marc by Marc Jacobs at Taipei Premiere of ‘How to Train Your Dragon’

Though this event took place back in March of this year, I had to had to post this because-

1) I simply adore Amber
2) I love Marc by Marc Jacobs and…
3) How to Train Your Dragon was a really good (and funny) movie! definitely recommend it.

Posing alongside comedian Chen Han Tien (陳漢典), Amber wore a dress from Marc by Marc Jacob's Spring 2010 Ready-to-Wear collection.

The Jacquetta Stripe Dress has been worn by other Asian stars, including Yoon Eun Hye, Han Ji Hye and Fan Bing Bing, but in a different and brighter color scheme. I’m glad that Amber didn’t wear the same runway look :)

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Van Ness Wu is the Antifashion

ANN-SOFIE BACK Dripping Sunglasses | $285 (sold out)
NEIGHBORHOOD Anti-Fashion 3/4 Sleeve | price not found
NEIGHBORHOOD Bondage Check Pants | $453.60 @ (sold out)
CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN Louis Sneakers | $1,095 @

Van Ness attended the opening of Starlet Beau, a friend’s fashion store

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